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My collection

I have organised my collection in four groups based on the starting letter of the country name. Each group is spread across two albums, each album being a 20-page presentation folder holding double-sided stock sheets.

The albums can be viewed in two ways.

1. First is a list of thumbnails of each page, with the contents listed alongside. The thumbnail will open up into the full-sized image on a new tab.

2. The second is a slideshow to scroll through all the pages.

Click on the appropriate link to view the albums. Note that each full-sized image is about 1MB in size.

Countries in ABCDE

Album 1 - list Album 1 - slideshow Album 2 - list Album 2 - slideshow

Countries in RSTUVWYZ

Album 7 - list Album 7 - slideshow Album 8 - list Album 8 - slideshow